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Part of a Journey

This portfolio is currently a collection of artifacts related to my research and the Transformational Methodologies Lab run by Dr. Carla Rice and Dr. Ingrid Mündel at the University of Guelph's ReVision Centre for Art and Social Justice.

I produced this mind map as an exposition of my thinking through the first five weeks of the lab.

This blog is currently a collection of artifacts which have been organized by themes. Over the next few weeks and months, I will use these artifacts to create written blog posts. These blog posts will be revisited and built upon as my thinking evolves; as it grows, decomposes, and grows into something new but still made of what was there before. I hope to continue this blog until... well, I really can't think of an end-date! We'll just have to see what becomes of Niche Geographer.

And that's the end of my thought.



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