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Embodiment, Affect, and Emotion

Not your standard "scientific" considerations.

During my Transformational Change Methodologies Lab course, I learned of - or rather explicitly articulated something I already knew/experienced - Embodiment, Affect Theory, and 'Emotion' (in the analytical embodiment sense).

I'll describe these more in a future post but I'm interested in them because 1) talking about these really put 'scientific researchers' out of their(my) comfort zone, which is fantastic, and 2) I think it will have some valuable stuff to contribute to my research which will encounter the strong feelings people have about wind turbines in their idyllic rural settings (...for example).

Until the post, you're on your own. Okay, I'll give you one:

Ahmed, S. (2014). The Cultural Politics of Emotion. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Retrieved December 14, 2020, from


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