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"It is better to change an opinion than persist in a wrong one"

 ― Socrates

Aerial Forest

Hello, I’m Emily

A mom. A PhD student. Passionate about critical thinking, my kids, and the environment for future generations.

I left my career as a flight attendant to pursue a dream of getting my doctoral degree and working towards climate change mitigation through energy transitions (y'know, wind turbines, solar panels, waste vegetable oil engine conversions). I do this because I love 'nature': deep ecology style - with beautifully balanced plant and animal nations - but aware and respectful of the social constructivists' call for political engagement.

Random related stuff

So the template has this section...'s for if you think the stuff here is cool and you want to be notified when more (presumably) cool stuff is added. Personally, I find myself 'unsubscribing' a lot these days.

I'm just going to leave it here because it fills this space nicely. (And if you were to subscribe, I'd definitely get a kick out of it!)


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